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This project’s aim is to explore ways in which school librarians can use DL open content to expand and enrich the school library’s resource base and instructional support. This project uses the newest web-based technologies to help school librarians identify DL open content, integrate open content metadata into their OPACs, and help use open content for learning.

About the Web2MARC Generator

DL2SL is a website, developed by FSU and funded by NSDL to help bridge the gap between digital resources and school libraries.

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New Features

Dewey Browser

This tool allows you to quickly browse through the nearly 1000 sections of the Dewey Decimal system. First, choose one of the top 10 classes, 000-900. Then choose a division and then a section. Use the back button to return to a higher level.

  1. 1. Select the Class

  2. 2. Select the Division

  3. 3. Select the Section.

    That's it! Your record is now tagged with a call number.

Common Core Browser

The Common Core Standards provide a framework for organizing knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn. Our tool allows you to browse by grade level and subject area. Select a grade level from the left and the standards for that grade will appear on the right. At the top of widget is a search box that provides instant results.




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Marcia Mardis Principal Investigator Casey McLaughlin Lead Developer Grant Gingell Front End Designer